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海洋馆 — 水质处理方案

Aquariums - Water Treatment System

一、Resilience Sand Filter (Fiberglass)


1.The filter is shaped by fiberglass reinforced plastic;
2.Abrasion-resistance, corrosion-resistant and durable;
3.Easy to install and maintain;
4.In-built drain valve and pressure gauge, make maintenance easier;
5.The best water supply design make flow more stable.

Resilience Sand Filter (steel)


1.The components inside employs stainless steel material, which is durable;
2.The inside is connected to the main tank with flange, which is easy to install and maintain;
3.The structure of water collecting system is reasonable, with steady flow and thorough backwash;
4.Double view mirror is used for viewing. You can see the internal filtration membrane and the change of water quality;
5.A emptying outlet is at the bottom of the filter. When the filter needs to be maintained or the filtration media needs to be replaced, you can empty the filter through the outlet.

AFM ® Activated Filter Media is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters without the need of additional investments ininfrastructure. AFM ® resists biofouling, biocoagulation and transient wormholechanneling of unfiltered water and never needs to be recharged or replaced.
AFM ® is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to increase its surface area by up to 300 times for superi- or mechanical and electro-static filtration performance.

Features of AFM ®

1.AFM ® Provides permanent, reliable filtration, Never needs to be replaced again;
2.It's resistant to bacterial growth;
3.The filtration performance of AFM ® is 2 times better than sand, with 50% less in bachwash velocity and time;
4.AFM ® is very good at removing iron and manganese, due to surface–ve charge.

Three Main Problems Caused By Biofilm

No Bacterial Colonisation of AFM ®

After 5 years of application, there is no bacterial colonisation in AFM ®

Bacterial count in 5g of filter media at a water temperature of 37°C :in AFM ® is 18 while in Sand is 3,600,600. (The below sample comes from those after backwash).

Performance Comparison of Filtration Media

High Filtration Efficiency of AFM ®

High Filtration Efficiency of AFM ®

The particle size and especially the particle form are important, because of the hydraulic performance (not round, not flat). Important: No broken bits of glass!

Electrostatic of AFM ®

The surface of AFM ® is highly negative charge for electro static aborption, so that it can filter bacteria, inorganic and organic substances. Sub < 40 micron particles are removed by adsorption. Sand cannot perform this task.

Electrostatic of AFM ®

1.Free radicals prevent bio fouling and protect AFM ® from bacterial colonisation (self disinfecting properties of AFM ® ). Free radicals oxidise dissolved organic matter and heavy metals. No biofilm will grow.

2.In addition, the surface of AFM ® has catalytic properties that lead to the formation of free radicals (OH radicals).

3.The Activation process in combination with the use of green/amber glass give the hydrosphere of AFM ® a negative zeta potential. This attracts positively charged particles by adsorption on to the surface of the grain.

4.Bacteria are oxidised should they reach the surface of AFM ® thereby preventing biofouling.

三、All Poly Foc

APF is a multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant that can remove pollutants from solution and flocculate fine suspended solids, such as skin cells and bacteria, into large particles.

四、Active Catalytic Oxidation

ACO is a liquid UV filter that protects chlorine from the sun and replaces need for Cyanuric Acid (CYA) or stabilized chlorine.


1.Protects chlorine to extend its half life by a factor of 4;
2.Boosts the ORP through advanced oxidation with no DBP`s;
3.Improves air quality and water clarity;
4.Non-hazardous, non-toxic formula, NSF 50 certified;
5.Ready to use, can be applied manually 1 x month.

Reaction Principle of ACO

五、Zeta Potential Mixer

The function of ZPM (Zeta Potential Mixer ) is mixing of chemicals, increases redox potential and crypto defense. Implosion of nano bubbles kills crypto.

ZPM : Upstream

The ZPM neutralizes the electrical charge (Zeta Potential) on dissolved chemicals and small particles to make some positive and some negatively charged particles. The opposite charges attract causing coagulation and flocculation.

ZPM : Downstream

Cavitation in the ZPM creates nano-bubbles, which are attracted to the surface of bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoa. There, the nano-bubbles implode and the energy released kills the pathogen.

六、Ozone Technology

Technological Principle

The ozone sterilization belongs to the biochemical oxidation reaction. Ozone oxidation breaks down the enzymes necessary for the internal glucose of bacteria; It can also act directly with bacteria,viruses, destroy cells and RNA, break down the macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, protein, lipids and polysaccharide, make the bacteria material in imposex, lead to cell dissolution and death, and destroy the genetic genes, parasitic bacteria, parasitic virus particles, bacteriophage, mycoplasma and pyrogen ( bacterial metabolites, endotoxin ) of the dead bacteria.


Using the material of high dielectric constant to make electrode, improve the machining precision;
Improve cooling conditions, adopt water cooling or bipolar cooling;
Reducing the dew point of the gas source and improving the cleanliness of the gas source;
Improving the driving frequency of ozone power supply and reducing power consumption;
Intelligent control is adopted and the operation condition is monitored again.


Ozone is a gas that is a highly active form of oxygen, hundreds of times more powerful and effective than chemical treatments such as chlorine. Ozone oxidises the urea/ammonia responsible for chloramine produc- tion as well as the chloramines formed. This precursor reduction also leads to reductions in THM levels. Generated on-site, dissolved ozone gas in water kills all bacteria and viruses leaving water with the highest level of clarity and brightness, free from odour and taste. All ozone systems are sized to international standards to ensure maximum benefits from one of the most powerful water treatment technologies available.

Proven ability to safely reduce free chlorine levels;
Substantial reduction in chloramines < 0.3ppm and THM levels;
Lowering chemical consumption and handling ~ 50%;
Effective disinfection against chlorine resistant micro- organisms;
Improved Algae control;
Reduced skin, eye and respiratory irritation for bathers;
Significant improvement to water and air quality, and water clarity;
Reduced wear and tear to pool materials and structure

七、Introduction of related products

Water-saving Protein Skimmer


1.The skimmer can be emptied at the bottom. When it is not used, you can drain the water so as to prevent bacteria from breeding.
2.The skimmer is equipped with ozone reaction function. the injected ozone can sterilize the water and improve the skimming performance.
3.The foam is drained out directly, without foam collector and therefore no cleaning is needed and water saving is achieved.

No Phosphate

Bacteria and algae's need phosphates to grow, If you remove all phosphates it will be difficult for bacteria'a and algae's to survive

Features:Phosphate is a 3-time negative charged ion. Nophos is 3-times positive charged ion;
Bacteria and algae‘s need phosphates to grow;
If you remove all phosphates it will be difficult for bacteria‘s and algae’s to survive;
To react with 1g of phosphate you need 10ml of NoPhos;
Totally we have 50g of phosphate per hour => you need to dose to the Wastewater 500ml NoPhos per hour;
Target values of Phosphate in tertiarry effluentfor non limited irrigation is 0.05 ppm.

Fiberglass Water Pump

Features:GDSW fiberglass pump, the components that has contact with the liquidmade of polyvinyl butyral, with modified phenolic fiberglass material molded by high temperature, so it is with good corrosion resistance, high temperature performance, light weight, high strength, no deformation and so on. Shaft seal employs ordinary type and grain-resistant type mechanical seal, with reason- able structure, less power consumption.

Anti-corrosion Fluoroplastics Pump

Features:The pump body and cover employs metal base with fluoroplastics. The impeller is made of metal material with fluoroplastics. The advantages therefore are of anti-corrosion, high intensity and durable.

Application:The pump is mainly used in aquarium, lightly polluted water treatment, printing industry and transmission of corrosive liquid without solid, hard to crystalize and whose temperature is between -20 ~ 150℃.

Biological Filter


1.Advanced foreign technique is employed. The internal combination is delicate and effective bio-media is used;
2.Harmful substance like amomia/ Nitrogen, nitrous acid, nitrate can be removed and therefore the water is purified;
3.Non-toxic anti-corrosion materials are used, which makes the filter more durable. (Patented bacteria culture technique);
4.Drainage valve is included so it is easy to operate and install;
5.Specially designed for industrialized aquiculture system.

Medium-pressure UV Lamps

Feature of Structure:The so-called “I-shape”, where the water’s inlet and outlet are in one line, results in low headloss, and very easy installation in new or existing pipelines.

Features of Performance:1.The long-life medium-pressure UV lamps are compact and emit a broad spectrum of wavelengths with a high intensity.
2.Alfa Line UV systems prevent fouling of the quartz sleeves and UV sensor with an effective manual or electrical ‘anti-fouling mechanism'
3.The Power Control System (PCS) enables the UV lamps to run at the most optimal setting to save energy and increase lamplife.
4.The Lambda PLC controller ensures optimal operation of the Alfa Line UV.

Drip Box

working principle:dripping is a natural falling phenomenon. With 3 layers or more and water distribution effect of filtration materials, current length can be extended. As the flow rate get faster, the unit surface area can increase dozens of times and quick contact with air is now possible and dissolved oxygen reaction is ongoing.

strength of dripping:COD is higher. In a effective overflow system, the drip box doesn't need to be cleaned as the impact force of current can break off the substance. Drip box has wide application with low cost. Either pool or tank can use a drip box. With large contact area and excellent bacteria culture, the drip box has great bio-chemical perfomance.

weakness of dripping:loud noise and inelegant shape. With unreasonable design, problems like splashing and pipe detaching will occur.

Dripping principle:Bacteria will stay in the plastic filtration ball for 4 to 6 weeks, which constantly supply organic metabolism. The metabolism will multiply. As the bacterial layer get thicker, multiplica- tion of new bacteria will be blocked. So the old bacteria will shed and become precipitate.

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